Gray McCurdy Photography | FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : What does copyright release mean?  

A: This means that you may print, copy, and use your images as you please.  You can post them on Facebook, share on Instagram, pin on Pinterest, print at Walmart, give to your friends, etc!  Some locations will request a copyright release statement before printing a professional's images.  The copyright release is included directly on the device with your images, so the printer can view the release.  

Q : If I have a disc/thumb drive with all of my images and the copyright release...why would I order through my private client gallery?

A : You truly get what you pay for.  If you are looking for a high quality wall hanging (think large, luxuriously framed photo or giant, gorgeous canvas over your couch), you can get it at WalMart for cheaper, but you do sacrifice quality.  The larger the image, the more obvious the quality (and cheaper does not = better).  This is where I recommend a professional photo lab to fulfill your large print orders.  You will be able to tell a difference, and it will be WELL worth your investment!  This means correct coloring (not yellow or blue tinged), longer lasting products, and simply more beautiful products.  If you are concerned about quality, even for your smaller prints, then a professional lab is truly the best option.  

Q : I want my pet in my session or that ok?

A : ABSOLUTELY!  I am an animal lover with many of my own creatures, and your pet is more than welcome!  The more the merrier! (I can even do an exclusive "pet session" with any and all your critters!)